20 comments on “TPM-VIPNI (X86 on ARM) PCP “Professional Computer Phone”

  1. I find it amazing, is scheduled for sale? I would like to be a pioneer and also to make it known to the world

    Jorge Rico

    • even without the battery life i could still replace my laptop, PSP, and phone with one of these.

      I would sign a $50 24 month plan as well as pay upwards of $500 to own one of these

  2. This is the kind of phone that I’ve been looking for all these years and it’s finally come. It looks great, the hardware is fantastic and in the near future it will still be ahead of it’s game compared to other handheld devices just… Shut up and take my money!

  3. I would buy one if it is not Windows. Linux. Maemo, Meego, SuSE, Ubuntu – anything.
    Why make it only work on windows. Let the user decide what he/she wants to use. Sell just the machine.

    I don’t want to deal with virus and popups on my phone. I don’t want to reinstall every 6 months. Windows 8 will be no different than previous Windows versions.

  4. Do you guys ever try and propose this to a company so that it may come into reality?
    or what you could do is be the first hand held mobile device on Kick Starter and judging by the specs and thought put into this innovation. You will easily surpass Oyua’s $8 million dollar funds as well as generating a wide audience that will soon become owners of this device… Your onto something special here all it needs is a little push and I’m sure many people reading this comment agree with me.

  5. caso essa telefone seja lançado com certeza ele sera o maior sucesso, porque ele é muito bonito e completo!

  6. I would love to put this device through its paces. I work as a solution architect and could see this device reducing the pieces of equipment that I have to carry. The device looks outstanding, just the type of device that I have been looking for!

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